Dream – It Was All A Dream

Track Listing 

  1. It Was All A Dream (intro)
  2. He Loves U Not
  3. In My Dreams
  4. This is Me
  5. I Don’t Like Anyone
  6. Reality (interlude)
  7. Pain
  8. When I Get There
  9. What We Gonna Do About Us
  10. Jordan (interlude)
  11. Mr. Telephone Man
  12. Angel Inside
  13. Do You Wanna Dance
  14. Miss You
  15. Our Prayer (interlude)
  16. How Long

Released: 01.23.2001

Genre: pop, dance pop, R&B

With only one album to represent themselves, Dream might not inherently seem like the best contender when discussing music from the 2000s. But when that one album is certified Platinum in the United States, reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart, spent a whole five months on that chart, and spawned two singles that reached number 2 and number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, then this is something we need to talk about. Their debut, It Was All A Dream, was released a month into the year 2001 and was met with a mixed reaction. Critics seemed to be okay with it, not really thinking it was anything astounding but not bashing it completely. These critics obviously had completely forgotten what it’s like to be a young person and couldn’t see the magic that this record contained.

Certain things are difficult to see in their present moment and that’s especially true when it comes to music. Unfortunately for Dream, despite their debut being a very solid representation of music in the early 2000’s, their label ended up dropping them and they lost all the momentum they gained during their first few years. Their second album would be shelved and only released minimally, disappearing into the background as if it was simply a passing thought. But Dream was wise beyond their years, and It Was All A Dream was not only excellent in all departments, but it aged very, very nicely as well. As a young adult listening back to these songs, I can hardly believe that they were recorded by girls who were just starting out their teenage years, and how relatable they are to this day. Looking back on it twenty years later doesn’t even make me nostalgic; instead it feels just as fresh as it did back then, feeling more like a familiar friend than anything else. We may never know exactly what happened to this group behind the scenes but one thing I want everyone to know is how incredible they were.

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