Modern Baseball – Sports

Track Listing 

  1. Re-Do
  2. Tears Over Beers
  3. The Weekend
  4. @chl03k
  5. Hours Outside In The Snow
  6. I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once
  7. Re-Done
  8. Cooke
  9. See Ya, Sucker
  10. Look Out
  11. Play Ball!
  12. Coals

Released: 11.27.2012

Genre: folk punk, pop punk

Amid all of the straightforward delivery of these twelve tracks, this record is so full of life and there’s always something new to listen for. Pop punk is normally synonymous with “angsty” or “emo” but this record takes that idea and puts it into a more jubilant mindset. It’s refreshing not to feel so angry about life and to not feel like you’re the only one experiencing certain situations. I’m especially alone when I sit down and listen to a record but listening to this one in particular made me feel less lonely, not only mentally but physically as well. Even though I enjoy that time by myself, when I put this on I feel like I’m in a room surrounded by lots of other people and I’m not even opposed to that. The authentic nature of this record can make the most lifeless moments feel less forlorn, which is one of the best things music does for us.

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