The Cinema – My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes

Track Listing

  1. Satellites
  2. The Wolf
  3. Kill It
  4. Say It Like You Mean It
  5. Picasso
  6. Kinetic
  7. She’s On My Arm Now
  8. Banker
  9. All The Lights
  10. My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes 

Released: 09.13.2011

Genre: indie pop

Indie pop truly does not get better than this. Being a perfect balance between the two genres, with smooth vocals and interesting lyrics, this album is unforgettable song in and song out. Even a full decade after it’s release (which was all digital, no physical copies of this project exist), never once does it feel outdated or tired. I can’t think of many other records in this genre that can live up to those standards and I highly recommend taking an hour out of your day to hear this. 

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