Britney Spears – “Mood Ring”

Track #18 off of Glory deluxe version, released 2020

This song is single handedly one of the best songs that’s been recorded by Britney in years. And if you haven’t heard it yet, trust me when I say that’s not an overestimate. The song is quite simply produced with dreamy synth during the verses which turns into an edgier synth during the chorus, all layered with a mid tempo, prominent beat. Her vocals sound amazing, the best they’ve sounded in years and the vocal stutters after the chorus are so well done to not be overbearing or too EDM like. Essentially, the production of this track is reminiscent of electronic dance music, just a lot more toned down and better organized. When it comes to the lyrics, it talks about having a lover who knows how to handle all of your crazy emotions, and it’s very well written, demonstrating this theme of having a person in your life that not only grounds you but also knows who you actually are. The opening lines “Look in the mirror / Who do I see? / Who do I want to be today? / If you’re in for a show, which role should I take?” instantly paints this idea of having various sides to a person just depending on your mood, which for the average listener is quite relatable, but for Britney being a performer herself, I’m sure it alludes to different aspects of her personal life as an entertainer. The second verse also touches on overexposure by saying “I have no secrets / Cause there’s a version of me that I don’t know how to hide” but the bridge is where the song starts to sparkle with such intensity, it’s impossible to look away from. “And in the palm of your hand, my temperature is at your command, by my demand / And now I’m falling for you, I turn to golden from blue, and you do too” is so gorgeously layered into its melody and creates this image of such a wonderful romance, it makes even me (the least romantic person alive) have a desire for a love like this too.

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