Jonas Brothers – “Lovebug”

Track #5 off of A Little Bit Longer, released 2008

It’s easy to put The Jonas Brothers in the Disney Channel box and forget about them but there’s a reason they’ve lived on beyond that. This era of Disney music was phenomenal and felt more like real music instead of just censored pop made for young kids and teens. Even to this day, the music has aged rather well; at no point does this feel immature, and even though it reminds me of a certain time, it doesn’t feel so stuck in that era. “Lovebug” especially is a song that has managed to easily live on past the Disney television screen, simple because of well written lyrics, balanced production and such entertaining parts that are impossible to not sing along to. I know that sounds ridiculously easy but it’s all easier said than done. I can’t say the same thing for many of their peers at the time. Along with that point, the versatility on this track is outstanding. I can name plenty of other songs that are built up of this same “start off slow and end off loud” structure, but I haven’t heard one exactly like this. Nor has the group themselves focused on a song with this type of feel before either. Even though we saw the boys expand into other genres and tones during their solo careers, this song just on its own demonstrated early on their ability to develop new sounds unique to them and experiment with their music a little bit. It’s really no wonder they’re still one of the best boy bands around.

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