All Time Low – “A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)”

Track #11 off of Nothing Personal, released 2009 

Nothing Personal will always be not only a pop punk staple, but a staple in All Time Low’s discography as well. It’s predecessor, 2007’s So Wrong It’s Right, holds a special place in the genres history, but there was something about NP that makes it even more worthwhile. It’s refined and even more entertaining and energetic, with a very polished yet lighthearted feel about the entire project. Although “A Party Song” is the second to last track, it’s the centerpiece of this theme and withstands the test of time over a decade later. The lyrics are written from an “easy come easy go” perspective that is so commonly felt at parties, but with prominent drumming and an up tempo feel through the entire thing, it’s surprisingly not dismal. The sing along moments sprinkled here and are also the perfect touches that keep this song replaying in my head for hours on end. And while there are many other tracks from this album that have lost their luster and don’t sound as fun as they did when I was younger, this one has managed to stick around because of it’s relatability and nostalgia inducing sound. 

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