Taylor Swift – “Crazier”

Track #12 off of Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, released 2009

Ok, let’s be honest here, if you grew up with Hannah Montana as a child and don’t still listen to the music from the series as an adult, you’re either lying or just don’t have good taste in music. But really, Hannah Montana had some great tunes throughout all seasons of the show but one place where they really took it to another level was the soundtrack for the movie. So many of these songs I go back to every once in a really long time and so many still feel timeless to this day. “Crazier” written and performed by Taylor Swift is one of them. This was back when Taylor was still pure country, had just released her second album and styled her hair in long ringlets. It was a vastly different time yet when “Crazier” comes to mind and I take a listen, it doesn’t really feel like any time has passed. It’s a dreamy country tune about love that feels so genuine, it takes you to a whole new world when it plays.

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