Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism

Track Listing 

  1. The New Year
  2. Lightness
  3. Title and Registration
  4. Expo ’86
  5. The Sound of Settling
  6. Tiny Vessels
  7. Transatlanticism
  8. Passenger Seat
  9. Death of an Interior Designer
  10. We Looked Like Giants
  11. A Lack of Color

Released: 10.07.2003

Genre: indie rock

The thing that really made this record work was how well done the lyrical and instrumental portion is, with both complimenting each other perfectly. This record carries itself with such simplicity in the musical portion yet yields so much emotion and depth with the lyrics, with both of these aspects balancing each other out instead of one outweighing the other. This album also proved that indie could expand into other territories and showcased the bands immaculate ability to drive such emotion into their songs, and create such a densely packed yet extremely enjoyable record. Listening to this project really does feel like reading a book, and one of the absolute best features of it is how each song is wonderful on its own but all eleven tracks fit so nicely together to create a full storyline. Most artists struggle making one decent song but Death Cab For Cutie has a knack for making a whole concept album full of them.

Along with it being a sonically outstanding piece of work, this record is one that, upon even first listen, made me feel normal. Beyond it just being relatable, it explored thoughts I couldn’t organize myself but having something in song form to relate to made me realize that it was okay to feel certain things that I didn’t want to acknowledge at first. It’s okay to want to be in love, or want a person to be by your side, or reminisce on old memories, or express guilt without wanting to cry, or come to terms with the fact that not much changes between December 31st and January 1st. Going beyond just being uncomfortable, some of these topics are unbearable at times but the band has a certain charisma that makes you listen over and over again.

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