Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

Track Listing 

  1. Are We Ready? (Wreck)
  2. Bad Decisions
  3. Ordinary
  4. Gameshow
  5. Lavender
  6. Fever
  7. Invincible
  8. Good Morning
  9. Surgery
  10. Ja Veins De La
  11. Gasoline
  12. Sucker

Released: 10.14.2016

Genre: indie rock, indie pop

Change is good and sometimes change can be absolutely amazing. When it comes to the third studio release from indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club, change is stellar. Gameshow came to us in 2016 and was a clear departure from their past two records, being oriented on a more experimental feel which allowed the band to play with different sounds, feels and tempos. Gone are the high pitched guitar riffs and fast paced classic indie sounding tracks, replaced with slower, melodic, and at times, disco inspired tunes. Many times, especially when it comes to the indie rock genre, things can become stale or repetitive but the thing that I find most remarkable about this record is how the band managed to avoid that completely. Although it’s not the most cohesive record in their discography, this one is ridiculously entertaining and so full of life in ways that their previous work isn’t. It’s vibrant and genuinely new, and sets the pace for what is to come down the line. 

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