Kacey Musgraves – “Back On The Map”

Track #8 off of Same Trailer, Different Park, released 2013

Modern country music was one of the only genres I never really liked. Growing up as an emo kid, I didn’t particularly enjoy the soft acoustics and easy going lyrics about drinking beer and dirt roads. It all sounded the same and it just generally wasn’t my style. But because of my rigidity and assumption that all modern country sounded the same, I must admit that I missed out on some great tunes all these years. I only recently started listening to Kacey Musgraves and decided to begin with her debut from 2013. To my surprise, I loved it and it’s actually an album I regularly go back to. It’s obviously country but the acoustic layerings, lyrics that are quite down to earth without being cliché, and her unforced country twang makes for some of the best in the genre. “Back On The Map” is the centerpiece of this theme and sound, with some of the dreamiest instrumental combined with lyrics longing for a new love. Normally I would find something like this corny, but the arrangement here is simply beautiful and Kacey’s vocals are balanced and calm throughout the entire thing. There are really no dramatic buildups or heavy instrument moments but the song doesn’t need any of that. It already has enough spirit without it. 

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