Terror Jr – “Sweatpants”

Track #7 off of Bop City 2: TerroRising, released 2017

“Sweatpants” serves as an eclectic and smooth representation of pop music and pop culture, while being incredibly catchy and quite frankly, a “bop”. Bop City 2 is full of songs that just resonate in listeners minds like no other but the one line that makes this song stand out among the rest is probably “f***in hoes with my sweatpants on”. The track discusses two scenarios: one person who tries to make their life look marvelous on social media while being generally un-genuine, and another person who doesn’t need to try hard at all, hence being able to achieve all they want without getting out of their loungewear. The music backing is supported by a simple synthesizer and tiny pitched vocal effects, really showcasing the “easy going” attitude the lyrics are portraying. And along with that, the soft lead vocals and short time span of the track are the perfect additions to make it feel so effortless and cool. 

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