Bring Me The Horizon – amo

Bring Me The Horizon is a group that have consistently made high quality and interesting modern rock music. Starting off in the deathcore and metalcore genre, they slowly inched their way into a more progressive/ pop rock zone, reinventing themselves with every album cycle but never veering too far off from what we would expect from them. When it comes to amo, which is by some regarded as their most un-cohesive and pop leaning work to date, I must admit that I really didn’t see any part of this project coming. I still remember the snowy January day when I first took a listen to the entire album and was left truly speechless. It’s interesting because while there are elements of their previous sound there are a ton of fresh and new ideas as well. It’s upbeat and dark in some spots, light and dreamy in others, tragic and dismal in some tracks and catchy and melodic in the rest. The amo era produced their most experimental and thought provoking material as a group and saw them push the boundaries along with their artistic talents. This is a band that can really do anything they want and this record not only solidified that but proved that they don’t need recognition or approval from anyone. 


“in the dark”

“heavy metal”

“why you gotta kick me when i’m down?”

“sugar honey ice & tea”


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