Play – “Cinderella”

Track #3 off of Us Against The World, released 2001

For years we’ve all been deceived into thinking the Cheetah Girls sang the original “Cinderella” but little did we all know that there was so much more backstory to this song than simply appearing in a Disney Channel movie. The song actually originates from a very short lived girl group called i5 that formed back at the turn of the century. You can still find their incredible version on YouTube but unfortunately for them, it never really caught on. Then a few years later comes along girl group Play, who covered the track and released it as a single from their debut album. Another solid tune but again, this is definitely the lesser known version of this song. The Cheetah Girls take on it is what definitely catapulted it into the mainstream and despite my appreciation for their take, this is the rendition of “Cinderella” that I prefer the most. Not only is the 2000s production incredibly nostalgic but it’s also much more balanced than the others, along with the girl’s vocals blending seamlessly together. This is also the version that makes the lyrics, which are centered about being a strong independent female, feel the most sincere. And while Play’s version isn’t dramatically different than i5’s and the Cheetah Girls didn’t interpret the song in an extravagant new way either, it’s clear that this is exactly what this song is supposed to sound like. 

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