Desiigner – “Tiimmy Turner”

Single, released 2016

No other song reminds me of 2016 as much as “Tiimmy Turner” does. I really don’t even remember much music from 2016 but one thing I do vividly remember is that Desiigner in general was being played at every party I went to. His hit “Panda” was all over the place and while that was a solid modern hip hop song, “Tiimmy Turner” was significantly better. Pinpointing the exact reason too is rather simple. Where “Tiimmy Turner” eclipses “Panda” is the production. Although it’s based off a clean piano backed trap beat, it’s a lot more original sounding than “Panda”, and has sprinkles of extra layers that are a lot more intriguing than other songs during this time. It’s dark and spooky, with a slight echo on the beats and angelic like backing vocals. Desiigner’s melodic vocals on the track create a modern R&B meets trap mix which is perfectly executed to not feel disjointed. Even though some may consider this track to be part of the mumble rap wave, I find that it still feels fresh and exciting all these years later and has outlived plenty of other songs in the genre. 

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