Chance The Rapper – “Same Drugs”

Track #6 off of Coloring Book, released 2016

Out of the 500 plus albums I’ve listened to, I’ve only cried over a song maybe three times and the first time I heard “Same Drugs” was one of those. It’s a tune that’s centered around growing up and watching old relationships dissolve. The funny thing is, upon first listen, I didn’t even know how much of an impact this song would have until just about four years later. At the time I first heard this album, I really thought the people I was around were going to stick around forever. Fast forward a few years and the reality is that is simply not true. I had lots of relationships that seemingly ended and I couldn’t pin point exactly why. And then one day, after years of not listening to this album, I decided to let it play on my drive to work. Hearing this song all those years later made it all make sense. The piano and soft R&B instrumental make this track feel almost like a kids show introduction, and something about the violins makes me feel nostalgic for the 90s. But despite this obvious juvenile theme, lyrically is where the song takes another turn. It discusses the feeling of realizing that we’re just not same people we used to be and even puts an emphasis on this divergence by referring to the other person as a stranger. As tears streamed down my face just as intensly as they did all those years prior, I realized that this track is a harsh reality packaged as a kids show tune and honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

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