Miranda Cosgrove – Sparks Fly

Listen, I might be extremely biased because I grew up during this time, but music from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon stars in the 2000s and even some from the early 2010s was genuinely spot on. Some were better than others with many attempting professional singing careers outside of their acting world, and many fizzled out without a trace. But it’s a good thing that nowadays we have digital streaming and are able to find all of these old songs somewhere on the internet. One of my personal favorite albums to revisit every once in a while is Miranda Cosgrove’s debut, released during the midst of her mega successful run on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. I never particularly enjoyed the show and I understand that it’s easy for the project to feel forced since this is what all the Disney stars were doing at the time as well. But this record is actually a lot of fun, despite some holes in the lyrical department and some unoriginal instrumental at times. Sometimes it’s bubblegum pop oriented, sometimes it’s 2000s pop punk sounding and other times it’s a bit R&B. But regardless of what genre each individual song fits in to, one common theme of some of the best ones is confidence and knowing exactly what you want. One thing I appreciate about this record is that they didn’t focus so much on cheesey love songs and instead composed tracks about self worth that are just enjoyable to my adult self as they were to my teenage self. 


“Brand New You”


“Oh Oh”

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