Eisley – I’m Only Dreaming

Track Listing 

  1. Always Wrong
  2. Defeatist
  3. A Song For The Birds
  4. Sparking
  5. My Best Friend
  6. Rabbit Hole
  7. Louder Than a Lion
  8. You Are Mine
  9. When You Fall
  10. Snowfall
  11. Brightest Fire

Released 02.17.2017:

Genre: indie pop, shoegaze 

The modern indie pop genre is rather easy to execute but typically it doesn’t result in the highest quality of music. But when it comes to Eisley, they get it perfect every single time. This project is a treat; each song has such unique layers where they’re all slightly different and it keeps you guessing about what’s coming next track after track. It contains some of the dreamiest melodies I’ve ever heard that perfectly resonate with lead singer Sherri’s soft vocals. And although it’s constructed from straightforward percussion and guitar, it’s one of the most intriguing albums when it comes to the overall music portion of it. This entire thing just sounds exactly like Eisley and while other groups can come close to this sound, they remain unmistakably their own band. 

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