Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Sweetener was an album that I waited anxiously for after hearing the lead single “no tears left to cry” and seeing Ariana’s signature ponytail dyed icy blonde. The visuals and first few snippets of the project were incredible but upon the first full  listen, I was left slightly disappointed. The record just wasn’t my cup of tea and I found it be underwhelming at most points but despite that, I find that there are a handful of tracks on here that might be some of Ariana’s best in her entire career. This album at its best is a fantastic mix of smooth pop and R&B, making it dance-y and chill all at once. The vocals are perfect as always and the themes in each song vary, sometimes reminiscing on past relationships and mistakes, other times looking optimistically into the future. This is one of Ariana Grande’s most daring and sonically dynamic projects and maybe someday I’ll understand the full scope of it. But in the meantime, I’ll keep “God is a woman” in regular rotation. 



“no tears left to cry”

“God is a woman”


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