The Waterboys – “The Whole Of The Moon”

Track #2 off of This Is The Sea, released 1985

I still vividly remember the first time I heard this song. I was at the beauty store on a hot summer day, minding my own business in the shampoo aisle when all of a sudden, this catchy, folky tune starts playing over the stores speakers. I remembering stopping in my tracks and scrambling for my phone so I could figure out the artist and title, and in that moment, everything seemed to stop. Time didn’t seem to exist anymore and I realized in that moment that I hadn’t felt that type of stillness in a long time. “The Whole Of The Moon” is entirely a fantasy of a track supported by instrumental that is just as fitting to that narrative. It’s an enthusiastic song for dreamers and pessimists alike, portraying both sides to the story with lines describing one person seeing only the crescent moon while the other is seeing the entire thing. This is one of those songs that is realistic yet ethereal, down to earth folk rock but infused with a child like imagination. This track oozes magic unlike any other and still to this day is one of the only songs that makes time feel insignificant, just like the first time I heard it. 


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