Hozier – “Like Real People Do”

Track #10 off of Hozier, released 2014

Hozier’s debut came around at a time when there were influences of folk in popular music and yet once I heard his take on it, it sounded like something I had never heard before. “Like Real People Do” was one that stood out among the rest of the track list for that exact reason. The song is simply produced with only an acoustic guitar as the main instrumental and echo-ey vocals every once in a while, but with lyrics that portray this strange and almost seemingly broken relationship. With other standout tracks (most notably the singles “Take Me To Church” or “Someone New”) have strong vocal pieces or captivating bridges, this one takes a softer approach but hits harder with the theme it conveys. The images that have always crossed my mind when listening to this track are about skeletons in closets and fearing getting close to another person. But it’s strangely very romantic with every chorus ending with “we should just kiss like real people do”, which also implies that there’s something off about this couple. This mix of dark folk with themes of romance is so well executed through the acoustics, lyrics and vocal delivery, creating an unforgettable story that leaves plenty for interpretation. 

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