Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

Track Listing 

  1. Time Has Told Me
  2. River Man
  3. Three Hours
  4. Way To Blue
  5. Day IS Done
  6. Cello Song
  7. The Thoughts of Mary Jane
  8. Man In A Shed
  9. Fruit Tree
  10. Saturday Sun

Released: 07.03.1969

Genre: folk

Five Leaves Left was not considered by critics to be anything amazing at the time of it’s release, nor did it gain much of a commercial presence. But ironically enough, over fifty years have passed and this record is now considered to be one of the most remarkable folk albums of all time. It’s really interesting how the passing of time affects the music we listen to; sometimes it makes it better but most of the time it just makes it worse. There are also times where we can just laugh about it later on but then at certain moments, like with Five Leave Left, it almost feels like a crime to have dismissed this project all those years ago. This album is some of the most extraordinary folk music there is, with incredible strings and lyrics that make it sound other worldly. These songs don’t feel like they were recorded in the 1960’s, nor do they feel like they should have been recorded in any modern decade for that matter. The dreamy melodies and soft acoustics makes time feel inexistent and it’s simply one of the most beautifully produced pieces of music I’ve ever listened to. 

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