Counting Crows – “Omaha”

Track #2 off of August And Everything After, released 1993

With a calm and stable tone but thought provoking lyricism, “Omaha” from the Counting Crow’s debut is an early example of what makes the band so remarkable. The song instantly pulls the listener in with a soft Celtic feel to it that gives it a magical feel, easy going vocals and a rather relaxed instrumental backing. But despite how enchanting it is just sonically, where it really makes the most impact is the story it tells. The lyrics seemingly tries to condemn religion but instead of entirely doing that, it encourages us to restructure the way we think about it. It puts a large focus the simple things and getting back to the center (Omaha, Nebraska is quite literally right in the middle of the United States by the way) and makes something normally dismal and difficult to talk about feel optimistic. It also brings about themes that are applicable in other facets of our lives, serving as a wonderful example of “food for thought” in song form. 

Live Performance

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