Forever The Sickest Kids – Forever The Sickest Kids

FTSK are easily one of the best, if not the best, neon pop punk band to ever exist. Their debut in 2008 still holds up as a legendary piece of work in the genre and never gets old no matter how many times I listen it. Their self titled second attempt, however, was cursed with the sophomore slump and didn’t quite reach the same level that Underdog Alma Mater did. Although it wasn’t bad by any means, something about it didn’t feel as fresh or exciting. Despite that, there are some outstanding songs on here that showcase how the band was moving in the right direction while still staying true to their original neon pop sound. This one might not be the album from the band that I frequently return to but it does contain a few of the best songs that they have ever put out. 



“Robots and Aliens”

“Keep On Bringing Me Down”

“Same Dumb Excuse”

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