John Mayer – “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”

Track #8 off of Continuum, released 2006

In 2019, I was lucky enough to get close to floor seats for John Mayer’s tour and to this day, it remains one of the top three best shows I’ve ever been to. The entire set list was incredible, everything was perfect and I still wear the t shirt I got at least three days a week. But one moment from that night that will forever stick out in my mind was the ending, when they started playing “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” to close out the show. At first I thought it was a strange song to end with, considering how dismal and slow it is. Yet, everyone knew the words and we were all swaying to the music as if we no worries in the world. Althoguh this song isn’t necessarily happy by nature, it’s one that we can all connect with. It tells a love story that’s falling apart, where these two people know they’re not meant to be but can’t let the relationship go. Taking this idea of having everything around you falling apart combined with the image of a romantic slow dance is actually kind of nice, because it reminds me of the feeling of everything being okay for that one moment and simply living in that frame of time. Not to mention the guitar work on this track is some of the most interesting on the entire record, making this song a standout, regardless of it never being released as a single. I still flashback sometimes to that night, with confetti raining down, holding hands with my best friend, and feeling so peaceful for just a small bit of time. Songs like these make moments like those and sometimes, that’s all we really need. 

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