Mayday Parade – Black Lines

Track Listing 

  1. One Of Them Will Destroy The Other
  2. Just Out Of Reach
  3. Hollow
  4. Letting Go
  5. Let’s Be Honest
  6. Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology
  7. Narrow
  8. Underneath The Tide
  9. All On Me
  10. Until You’re Big Enough
  11. Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing 
  12. One Of Us 

Released: 10.09.2015

Genre: pop punk, rock

Black Lines is an album from Mayday Parade that feels lost among the rest in their discography, yet it’s also an album that’s quite possibly their most important and impressive record to date. I still remember coming across this album on my Spotify in October of 2016 and thinking it was a new release, only to find out it had been out for an entire year at that point and I had never heard of it a single time. Seemingly released without any major promotion, even the Wikipedia page for this project is rather sparse. But regardless of any of that, it remains what I like to consider the groups best work. Compared to their other material, it’s a darker and heavier type of rock compared to their usual lighthearted style of pop punk. It’s denser when it comes to vocals and production, with varying techniques and tempos that help create a different feel for every track to keep it from becoming repetitive. Bands that are typically this far into their careers don’t deviate too far from their established sound but Mayday Parade took a chance and it really worked well in their favor. 

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