Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping

It’s easy to say that pop punk had its fifteen minutes of fame but contrary to popular belief, the genre isn’t dead at all and is actually still thriving with bands such as Stand Atlantic. The groups debut sounds like a pop punk classic already and although I can’t say I was obsessed with every track, there are a handful of songs that are incredible and represent the genre very well. There are lots of moments on here that are reminiscent of most other similar bands. But where where Skinny Dipping leaves its mark is in the second half of songs that are dynamic and ever changing, acoustic based or the ones with catchy, smooth melodies. These tracks are the ones that linger on way past the first few listens because they take the pop punk genre and raise it to another level. At its best, this record like something from 2005 without feeling like a major rip off and I can tell this group has a lot of potential. 


“Burn In The Afterthought”


“Lost My Cool”


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