Lil Wayne – “Drop The World”

Track #8 off of Rebirth, released 2010

Although many of us can agree that Lil Wayne’s rock album was underwhelming, I think that we can also agree that there was at least one worthwhile song that came from it. Drop The World is a collaboration with Eminem that sounds so distinctly 2010 and is easily the best song on the entire project. The production is a funny mix of rock backing and a 2000s hip hop/rap beat, but it’s a solid combination of both genres so that Lil Wayne doesn’t come off as an imposter in the rock world. Wayne’s lyricism and vocal delivery on this track is exceptional, remaining to this day one of his best written songs, with Eminem’s part also fitting seamlessly right in. While I understand what the idea for the record was supposed to be, execution fell a little flat in most other places besides this take right here. This level of drive and artistry is what the rest of the album should have been like and while it might not have ended up that way, at least we got one great thing out of it. 

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