Fall Out Boy – “Sunshine Riptide”

Track #8 off of Mania, released 2018

When Mania was first released, I remember a friend telling me that he’s really not into the bands new “avant garde” sound which left me utterly disappointed because in that moment, I didn’t want to admit how much I actually loved it. This album deviates even further from their pop punk roots with a more experimental pop/rock sound but there are so many moments on here that are so incredibly put together that deserve some recognition. “Sunshine Riptide” is one of them, and is still to this day one of my favorite and most listened to tracks from the project. Based on a beachy tone with prominent bass, drums and an easy going guitar riff in the background, the song’s lyrics discuss changing and still being accepted, and basically just trying to do the best that we can. Ironically enough, this idea of change is exactly why people are angry at the band considering they don’t sound like the used to but realistically, if this song was put out by an indie artist, nobody would have a problem with it. The one and only feature on the entire album from Burna Boy is also just as perfectly executed, adding the perfect touch to make this tropical sounding song well rounded in theme and tone. This is the centerpiece of the album and single handedly ties the entire thing together, proving that when done right, change can be amazing no matter who likes it or not. 

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