Paramore – All We Know Is Falling

Track Listing

  1. All We Know
  2. Pressure
  3. Emergency 
  4. Brighter
  5. Here We Go Again
  6. Never Let This Go
  7. Whoa 
  8. Conspiracy 
  9. Franklin
  10. My Heart

Released: 07.26.2005

Genre: pop punk

Paramore as band has been through a lot of changes over the course of their career when it comes to their sound, their lineup and their general aesthetic. They’re a group that has seamlessly manuevered throguh all these changes with such grace that even though they’re drastically different now than their debut in 2005, it’s pretty easy to tell they’re still the same band. This is also a group that has never released a “bad” album and has consistency made good pop/rock music, and while I enjoy every project of theirs All We Know Is Falling is the one I go back to the most. With a very authentic mid 2000s pop punk feel, this album in particular is nostalgic in tone and lyrics but that’s not exactly why I listen to it so often. These songs are ever changing with various themes ranging from missing home, to broken friendships and relationships, to making it as a band, but it’s written in a way that’s ambiguous enough to be relatable to a wide variety of listeners. The instrumental also ranges from high energy guitar infused tracks that we used to mosh to back in the day, to toned down, almost romantic feeling songs that break up the heaviness of it all. All We Know Is Falling captures such a specific point in time, and while many would disagree, I like to consider this some of Paramore’s best work


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