Weathers – “Lucky”

Single, released 2020

Weathers is an indie rock band that felt confident enough to cover a Britney Spears classic and I must say that they did it exceptionally well. There have only been a few times where a Britney cover really exceeded my expectations and this is one of them. While most cover songs fail to capture the essence and emotion of the original, this version manages to sound exactly the way I would want it to while also feeling fresh and exciting at the same time. It has a slow start with a simple hum of what sounds like a synthesizer in the background and whispy guitars that build into heavier guitars during the unforgettable chorus and a bridge that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. The last minute of the track feels like such an epic ending where everything is supposed to come into place, only for the screen to go black and for the credits to start rolling. As perfect as the original is, I must say that this version of the song makes it feel even more dismal yet more lovely and just gets better with each listen. 

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