The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Track #7 off of A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, released 2018

Before this album was released, I talked about it literally non stop and on the day it came out, I was so excited I actually ran into my nearby Target store to get myself a physical copy (“ran” is a strong word, in reality I sped walked to not disturb the other shoppers). Regardless, this was a project I was looking forward to unlike any other and I only ever really get like a few times a year, so this was a really big deal. Upon first listen, however, I remember being less than satisfied and storing away the CD in a desk drawer where it stayed untouched for months. Even now, I don’t go back to this project as much as I do the bands previous work but even I must admit that some of these tracks are some of the most exceptional songs in their entire catalogue. The experimental nature is really cool when executed right to not feel overwhelming and the lyrics are definitely a lot more thought provoking than before. While I can’t say I consistently listen to this album as a whole, these tracks on an individual level showcase the groups talent and ability to think outside the box, even if “outside the box” means getting a little messy.


“Inside Your Mind”
“I Always Want To Die (Sometimes)”

“Sincerity Is Scary”


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