The Outfield – “Your Love”

Track #2 off of Play Deep, released 1985

A song that I fondly remember from my childhood only from Grand Theft Auto, “Your Love” by 80s pop band The Outfield stands as the epitome of the genre and remains one of the best pop songs around to this day. It’s so easily identifiable with that catchy guitar intro and chorus that’s so much fun, it’s pretty easy to forget that the lyrics talk about cheating on your significant other. Ironically, despite it’s dismal theme of loneliness and deception, the tune is contrasted with bright instrumental that truly makes the track what it is. I also find that although the album that this song is off of is distinctly mid 80s sounding, “Your Love” easily lingers into 90’s pop territory and would even fit perfectly with the 80s inspired pop songs of today.

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