Walk The Moon – Walk The Moon

At the turn of the century music was ever changing with various new styles coming out and the indie genre was especially booming around this time. Most of it honestly sounded the same and although I can’t say Walk The Moon were the most original thing out there, there was something about the group that just made sense. Their approach to this new found indie craze was fast paced and so upbeat it’s impossible not to want to dance to it. They were less oriented with catchy guitar hooks and a “cool” indie sound and chose instead to focus on making music that was just plain fun without too many elaborations. And they did it remarkably well, considering many of these tracks can easily pass as new songs even now. With their debut, the group was clearly not trying too hard to be something else but they also tried hard enough to make it worthwhile. 



“Anna Sun”

“Shiver Shiver”


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