Modest Mouse – This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

Track Listing 

  1. Dramamine
  2. Breakthrough
  3. Custom Concern
  4. Might
  5. Lounge
  6. Beach Side Property
  7. She Ionizes & Atomizes
  8. Head South 
  9. Dog Paddle
  10. Novocain Stain
  11. Tundra/Desert
  12. Ohio
  13. Exist Doesn’t Exist
  14. Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset
  15. Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds
  16. Space Travel Is Boring 

Released 04.16.1996

Genre: alt rock, indie rock

Modest Mouse’s debut should not be as enjoyable as it is, considering the themes of isolation and the desolate feel of many of the songs, yet I find it to be one of the most interesting records to ever exist. The theme of it is summed up with the title: throughout each song, it feels as if we’re on a never ending road trip, just gazing at everything around us but not having a sense of purpose or direction. The production is very low key and indie oriented to give the project a very “playing guitar on the side of the road” feel but there are plenty of really exciting moments that keep it from feeling cliché or predictable. Even the vocals are a little rough around the edges and the lyrics feel like they we’re too picked apart; it essentially sometimes comes off as if it was recorded in one take. This Is a Long Drive… is densely intricate yet humbling at the same time, and although is over an hour long, it’s one that you have to listen to all the way through at least once to really understand the bigger picture of what it’s getting at. 

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