The Neighbourhood – Chip Chrome and The Mono Tones

Track Listing 

  1. Stargazing 
  2. Over the Influence
  3. Here We Go Again
  4. The Shining
  5. Chip Chrome
  6. Pretty Boy
  7. Lost in Translation
  8. Devil’s Advocate
  9. Hell or High Water
  10. Cherry Flavoured
  11. The Mono-Tones
  12. BooHoo
  13. Tobacco Sunburst
  14. Middle of Somewhere

Released: 09.25.2020

Genre: alternative rock

The Neighbourhood is a band that isn’t afraid to try new things and evolve and while I can agree that I adore their signature dark pop sound, they’ve really showcased over the years that they’re capable of so much more. Chip Chrome and The Mono Tones is a mix of various different styles of alternative pop, rock, shoegazing and even country, with elements ranging from synthesizer to strings which helps create a whole new world for the group. It’s so dynamic from one song to the next but it’s arranged in a way that makes sense; Chip Chrome is our lead (also known as lead singer Jesse Rutherford) and the Mono Tones are the rest of the band, with even the artwork and music videos staying along this trend. Not only did they divert from what was expected of them, they embraced this new feel like other, essentially personifying each song with the visuals, themes and overall sounds. This is a record that is so easy to get lost in in so many ways and with great melodies and production, it’ll keep playing in your mind nonstop, just like the rest of their discography. 

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