Tink – Winter’s Diary 4

Track Listing:

  1. Lime Light
  2. All Falls Down
  3. Show It
  4. Be Single (Interlude)
  5. Aquafina
  6. Surprizes
  7. Stay on It
  8. Your Side
  9. Nothing Else Matters 2
  10. Mvp
  11. Real Upgrade
  12. What Is Real
  13. Modern Wave
  14. Pullin Up (Interlude)
  15. Blood Sweat & Tears

Released: 08.25.2016

Genre: hip hop

The fourth installment in Tink’s “Winter’s Diary” series is a wonderful collection of songs and for one very important reason. The beats and overall production are pretty basic modern hip hop, and there are no high vocal notes or anything like that. At first listen, it might seem a little bland. But when looking closer at the lyrics and themes is where you’ll find a lot of value. This project is written like a diary, where each song flows chronologically from one to the next and tells a story about relationships, love and self assurance. While it’s easy to just listen to music for the general sound of it, listening closer to the words will sometimes tell you a lot more, and it’ll be a much better story too. 

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