Flo Rida – “I Cry”

Track #8 off of Wild Ones, released 2012

Dance music from the early 2010s cannot be completely remembered if Flo Rida isn’t included. Gaining mega success with his debut single “Low” back in 2007, Flo Rida quickly and rather easily established himself as one of the leaders of this emerging dance/EDM/pop genre that was taking form. So many songs stick out as being some of the most memorable but “I Cry” is one of the only ones that is still to this day doesn’t feel as overplayed or oversaturated as the others do. This version is built off of the Bingo Player’s remix titled “Cry (Just A Little)” of Brenda Russell’s 1988 track “Piano in the Dark” and while “I Cry” has barley any similarities to the original besides the melody, it’s still just as good. Comparing it to the other songs and singles from this album that are almost screechy at times and can’t stay consistent, this one has a very steady tempo, no random features, and is just flat out catchy and fun. While it might have received criticism for reasons ranging from lack of originality to poor lyricism, none of that really matters because it’s not supposed to be any of those things. It’s supposed to be an entertaining party song and it definitely gets the job done. 

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