Young Thug – Slime Season 3

With the third installment of the Slime Season series, it’s easy to think that it would get a little boring or drawn out by this point. But three mixtapes in and this one is just as entertaining as anything Young Thus has put out and it’s hard to form a rebuttal when he sings “B*tches in love with these slimes, how many now?” in the closing track, “Problem”. Indeed, we are in love with these Slime Season mixtapes, with different reasons depending on who you ask. From my perspective, the reason I keep going back to these tracks is simply because of the production value. Young Thug isn’t necessarily doing anything new or revolutionary, nor can I really understand any of the words without looking up the lyrics. But none of that matters when you’re having this much fun listening to the overall sound of it all. The flows are immaculate and there’s never a moment where something drags out too long, and each track is made up a distinct feel that keeps it from feeling too similar to the others. The production almost leans on the side of being slightly experimental with a modern rap beat in the background to keep it from going into unchartered territory. While it’s unclear how many more Slime Seasons we’ll be getting, at least we know that whatever Young Thug does next, it definitely won’t be boring.¬†





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