Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed

Track Listing

  1. The Day Begins
  2. Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling
  3. The Morning: Another Morning
  4. Lunch Break: Peak Hour
  5. The Afternoon
  6. The Evening 
  7. The Night

Released: 11.10.1967

Genre: progressive rock

Regarded as one of the first concept albums to ever exist and as one of the first truly progressive pieces of music, Days of Future Passed is something other worldly. The idea behind it is rather simple: it’s just an outline of a regular day, starting when the sun comes up and ending at bedtime. But the really cool thing about it is the fact that it’s not only composed of elements of classic rock but it’s back by a full orchestra. The actual musical portion is stunning while the lyrics are so ethereal and dreamy, listening to it feels like stepping into another dimension. And whereas other late 60s music has distinct characteristics that make it feel old in todays world, this one doesn’t and lives on as if were released just yesterday. While this album didn’t catch on quickly upon initial release, it’s interesting to see how it’s legacy has impacted music throughout all these years. Everything would be vastly different without this record from the Moody Blues. 

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