Say Anything – “Sediment”

Track #14 off of Oliver Appropriate, released 2019

Sediment is anything that is deposited at the bottom of a lake, or generally any liquid for that matter. And I don’t think there’s a more fitting title to close out the final album from one of the most remarkable pop punk bands to ever exist. Oliver Appropriate is a sequel to the groups acclaimed …Is A Real Boy, serving as a continuation of the original story and as a goodbye for the fans throughout all the years. “Sediment”, as the final track, outlines the final chapter of the story where our character, Oliver, murders his partner and throws himself into the river with him so they can always be together (at least that’s what I’ve found on Genius Lyrics, it’s obviously all up for interpretation). But while the lyrics do create some obvious and explicit imagery, I find that this song reaches far beyond this imaginary world and more into the real world relationship between the band and their fans. It starts off with just a guitar backing and for a while we might think that’s all the song is going to be, it breaks into a full blow pop punk song halfway through that feels almost too nostalgic to handle. It then slows right back down again and ends in a slow, dream like bit, almost like watching your life flash before your eyes. The theme of the track and the raw vocals just really solidify the feeling of it being the end of an era for an entire genre of music, and even though there’s the obvious storyline in the song, it almost feels like it’s meant to symbolize the band and their fans, ending up as the sediment at the bottom of the river. 

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