Panic At The Disco – “Northern Downpour”

Track #7 off of Pretty.Odd., released 2008

Pretty. Odd. as an entire project always came off to me as being very melancholy but comforting at the same time and “Northern Downpour” is literally the centerpiece of the entire thing. Being situated around the midpoint of the track listing, this song discusses what the band was going through at the time about missing home and how they were feeling as touring musicians. It quite honestly feels like being caught in the middle, with lyrics like “hey moon, please forget to fall down” and “weathervanes, my one and lonely”, creating a sense of not knowing which direction to take and being stuck in the current moment. It’s also one of the more toned down songs in comparison to the rest which feature heavy horns and strings, but is nonetheless impactful. The simple acoustics and the way vocalist Brendon Urie and guitarist Ryan Ross share vocals gives it a very homey feel, despite it coming off a bit uprooted at times. “Northern Downpour” brings about a sense of peace and feels almost like the light at the end of a tunnel, and easily remains one of the top three tracks the band has ever put out. 

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