Britney Spears – “I Will Be There”

Track #7 off of …Baby One More Time, released 1999

Britney Spears’ debut album is undeniably filled with hits such as the title track “…Baby One More Time”, “(You Drive Me) Crazy” and “Sometimes”, but there’s always one specific song that makes me wonder how successful it would have been had it been released as a single. “I Will Be There” is similar to the other few: very late 90s pop sounding with an acoustic guitar and western sounding riff with lyrics centered loosely around a relationship. It’s very specifically from the times; if you know anything about this period of music, you’ll know this fit right in with what was in style. Yet, this song never feels like it went out of style, and I find that it mainly has to do with the content of it. Written about quite literally being there for someone when they need it, it’s the perfect combination of comfort and nostalgia, providing us with a tune that applies to much more than just a significant other like the other songs do. And in retrospect, I’m quite glad this one was never released as a single; with it being one of the lesser known tracks in her discography, this one remains a hidden gem which makes me appreciate this song even more. 

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