John Mayer – Heavier Things

Listening back to John Mayer’s second studio album almost feels like going through a time warp because it is so distinctly from 2003, I almost actually think I’m actually going back all those years instead of living in the present day. But despite being so from the times, many parts of this record hold up rather well to this day and some of these songs remain on pretty constant rotation in my music library. And even though I wasn’t very enthusiastic about this album upon first listen, it’s one that’s really grown on me and remains a favorite of mine in the soft rock/pop rock genre. It provides the perfect stepping stone to Mayer’s more rock and guitar drive music that was to come, and it’s interesting to look back and see where he began and how much he’s improved in terms of instrumental, vocals and lyrics. 


“Come Back To Bed”

“Split Screen Sadness” 

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