Bon Iver – “Creature Fear”

Track #6 off of For Emma, Forever Ago, released 2007

Looking back on Bon Iver’s debut, it’s pretty easy to see that it was a huge catalyst in pushing folk music into the mainstream. We can also say that at times it feels like it reimagined what folk music was in a way. While traditional folk music can be regarded as a customary art, comprised of acoustics and storytelling, For Emma, Forever Ago manages to take those traditions and apply them to the modern world. Every song on this project feels like a little film of it’s own, with varying themes and production techniques, all while staying true to the core idea that it’s trying to achieve. One song in particular that is just mesmerizing is “Creature Fear” which takes a very non-traditional approach to it’s composition. The subdued verses lead into drum heavy choruses and lyrics centered around uncertainty that perfectly coincide with the way it all sounds. It’s as eccentric as folk music can get, while also leaving enough for the imagination of the listener. It doesn’t even have a proper ending, as it leads into the next song, “Team”, (which is just an instrumental), without any warning. However, despite these jarring irregularities from popular music, Bon Iver made it all very pleasant and listenable, showing us all how well this genre could work in the mainstream. 

Live Performance

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