LANY – Malibu Nights

I, for one, have never been anywhere near California but despite that, LANY’s Malibu Nights makes me feel like I know exactly what it’s like. Listening to these songs feels like I’m day dreaming on a beach during the sunset without a worry in the world. The production on the entire thing is so smooth and airy without feeling empty, supported by a soft indie feel that doesn’t feel like a complete rip off of other similar groups. It’s very simple with basic indie techniques and yet, it this type of sound still sounds original to LANY. And while it’s primarily about a breakup, I can’t help but want to dance to every single song, even if the general content of them isn’t the most cheerful. Indie pop hasn’t been this interesting in a long time and if anyone can revive the genre, LANY has easily proven that they can. 


“Taking Me Back”

“Let Me Know”

“Valentines Day”

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