Janis Joplin – “Cry Baby”

Track #2 off of Pearl, released 1971

Janis Joplin made making music feel so easy and effortless, and there aren’t many artists that are able to recreate the same rawness and genuine nature she had. She never seemed to have to try too hard and still sounded incredibly one of kind, leaving her very distinct Janis mark on every song. “Cry Baby” in particular sounds like it was record in one take and yet still sounds so perfectly put together, never once feeling unfinished or mediocre. Sparkling with a soft blues guitar in the background and a minimal instrumental, it moves between breezy verses and energetic choruses, which seamlessly coincide with the emotional lyrics. Speaking about a lover retuning to you after leaving you for someone else, this song is sonically very optimistic and that specifically is one attribute I’ve always particularly liked about it. And while it’s definitively late 60s/ earl 70s sounding, it doesn’t ever feel old like other songs from this time period do, proving that Janis Joplin is as timeless as can be. 

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