Taylor Swift – reputation

I must admit that I spent a lot of time really tearing this album apart. I complained about Taylor’s vocals and the spotty production which to this day, are still valid criticisms of mine of the record. But despite, that I’ve found myself slowing creeping back to it every once in a while and I’m starting to notice some things about it that are actually really great. Plenty of moments on here are cool and edgy, serving as a great anger release when I need it and other moments or are sultry and smooth, with a dark synth feel that comes off so incredibly effortless. Taylor’s signature storytelling lyrics add to the magical effect of it all, creating an almost twisted fantasy world filled with chaos in the absolute best way. reputation is an album that’s best understood through personal experiences and I’ve come to realize that the reason it never stuck with me at first was because it was quite explicit and I couldn’t relate to it. But after a few years and taking a careful listen to some of these tracks, I can say with certainty that some of these are some of the finest songs Taylor Swift has ever put out. 



“Call It What You Want”

“I Did Something Bad”

“Getaway Car”

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