Olivia Rodrigo – “deja vu”

Track #5 off of SOUR, released 2021

Out of all the singles released so far from Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, this one has got to be my absolute favorite. Don’t get me wrong; “driver’s license” and “good 4 u” are solid, angsty teen pop tracks. But while both are rather tame, “deja vu” serves as one of the most interestingly produced tracks on the entire project. It starts off with a soft, glimmering synth that rips into an indie/alternative rock tune that’s so hard to figure out the direct influence, but remains nonetheless any impressive. The almost alien like sounding synth is like the icing on the cake, leaning towards experimental without being too far off the teen target. Olivia’s vocals are also incredible on this track, seamlessly hitting notes off all ranges, from a deeper register to whispy high notes, and really allowing her to showcase her full vocal ability. Even in terms of lyrics, this one is a standout among the rest because it’s written in a way that extends to listeners who are far beyond their teenage years, and serves as a bridge connecting Olivia to adults who normally probably wouldn’t have come across her in the first place. 

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