Aly & AJ – Insomniatic

Track Listing

  1. Potential Breakup Song
  2. Bullseye
  3. Closure
  4. Division
  5. Like It Or Leave It
  6. Like Woah
  7. Insomniatic 
  8. Silence
  9. If I Could Have You Back
  10. Flattery
  11. I’m Here
  12. Chemicals React (Remix)

Released: 07.10.2007

Genre: electrorock 

Aly & AJ were something so truly special for pop music in the 2000s. I remember first coming across them on the Disney Channel and while I’m sure many regarded them as just entertainment for children because of it, their third studio album proves that they were something so much more. The entire project doesn’t fit into one mold of what pop music was at the time. Each song is a distinct genre of rock, with some even feeling incredibly modern to this day and others having some 60s influences sprinkled in then. With a heavier focus on electronic instrumental but also touches of guitar and vocal effects, this collection of tracks is energetic and lively like no other, and with lyrics that are mature and self assured, it doesn’t feel very much at all like it was aimed for teenagers. Even to this day, this album has aged graciously and doesn’t feel like it’s worn down a single bit, and is easily still one of most daring and impressive things to emerge from the mid 2000s. 

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