The Boo Radleys – Giant Steps

Track Listing 

  1. I Hang Suspended
  2. Upon 9th and Fairchild
  3. Wish I Was Skinny
  4. Leaves and Sand
  5. Butterfly McQueen
  6. Rodney King 
  7. Thinking of Ways
  8. Barney (…and Me)
  9. Spun Around
  10. If You Want It, Take It
  11. Best Lose The Fear
  12. Take the Time Around
  13. Lazarus
  14. One Is For
  15. Run My Way Runaway
  16. I’ve Lost The Reason
  17. The White Noise Revisited

Released 08.31.1993

Genre: shoegazing, psychadelic pop

Before I listened to this album, I was adamant that I disliked the shoegazing and Brit pop genres and almost dismissed this project entirely. But upon first listen, this instantly became one of my favorite records I’ve ever heard. There are so many layers to each track but they all remain tethered to a pure Brit pop/ alternative rock feel, without a single one feeling like a replica of another. To say these songs are an adventure is an understatement; with horns, acoustics, guitars, varying tempos and dense lyrics, this project takes so many twists and turns you never know where it’s going next. It’s catchy and exciting, and something that will never be replicated again. 

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